Sunday, January 5, 2014

VirtualBox in GNS3 under Linux part1

Following my previous post on Installing GNS3 v0.8.6 on Linux , now will make GNS3 work together with VirtualBox.

By the time GNS3 started supporting VirtualBox virtualization ( v0.8.1 ), things were made easier in using VMs in GNS3. You just tell to GNS3 which VMs to load. see below the steps in detail. For more info see GNS3 website.
Later ( easy installation ) it became even simpler and no need any more to start GNS3/VirtualBox in root access mode.

STEP 1 : Install VirtualBox and VMs
Install VirtualBox (current version is 4.3.6) and your favorite Virtual Machines.

STEP 2: Check VirtualBox functionality in GNS3
(Needed to be checked only once, that is the first time you setup VirtualBox support in GNS3)
Go to Preferences -> VirtualBox, check the path to vboxwrapper and click on "Test Settings" button. You should see the message below if everything works properly. 

STEP 3 : Add VirtualBox VMs in GNS3

In GNS3, go to the VirtualBox -> VirtualBox Guest Tab and add the VirtualBox VMs.
Type an identifier name as you want it to appear in GNS3 topology. Refresh VM list and select the VM you need. 
I use two VMs - one Window and one Linux. VirtualBox Guest parameters :
Number of NICs : 1 
All other options not selected.

STEP 4: Draw the topology
Draw your topology in GNS3 and add the virtual computers using VirtualBox guests. 
Node Configuration shown below

STEP 5 : Check your VM  Network settings

VM->Network->Adapter 1 -> attached to  Bridged Adapter eth0.

STEP 6 :  Start all the devices and check connectivity
Start all devices in GNS3,  will also start automatically the GUI VMs used in the topology.
No need to have the VirtualBox manager open.

Both VMs (windows/linux) have their network adapter configured for DHCP client.
Checking network status we see that they got IP address from the Gateway Router and have internet connectivity.

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